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Soccer Backpack Embroidery


Before you buy another soccer back pack that will fall apart in less than a year, take a minute to figure out what you need. Usually, bags are well constructed. The problems arise when you try to put things into them that they were never intended to carry. For example, most soccer bags can carry the ball and all your training equipment. Trying to fit an adult regulation ball into a kid’s backpack might stretch the threading, and lead to tearing over time.

If you plan to carry a soccer ball, or you need spikes for your cleats, then you should get a bag that has designated pockets for these items. It will save you wear on the pack itself, and make sure you have everything you need for travel games. A good bag is like a fail safe, it’s full of the most useful items you need on the road.

If you need help finding the bag for you, contact the Soccer Garage support team.

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