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Decals & Stickers

Celebrate the beautiful game of soccer with wall decals and stickers modeled after some of your favorite soccer supplies. These graphics are made of high quality Premium OEM Exterior Grade UV resistant and waterproof vinyl. You can leave any of these wall decals outdoors for 6 years or more, and you should expect them all to hold up well to the elements. That makes them perfect for decorating your soccer stadium, locker room, coach’s office or announcing box. Soccer Garage carries basic shape, such as soccer shoes or a soccer ball.

Each decal is die cut, which means that you sticker will be the color of the wall it’s placed on. stickers meaning the background color will be the color of the object you place it on. Find a large enough surface and adhere the backside of the decal to your wall. The material is also easy to remove, making it simple to swap for other stickers.

Decals & Stickers